"Addiction begins with the voluntary decision to use drugs. No one starts out hoping to become an addict, but as one uses a drug repeatedly over time, control over its use decreases dramatically. The individual who is initially a voluntary user can become a compulsive drug user, an addict." -Alan I. Leshner, PHD
(Director, National Institute on Drug Abuse)

Addiction is a brain disease which explains why people need treatment at all; why can't most people just STOP? Here's the answer: They're in a different state of mind.

Addiction is a highly complex bio-behavioral disorder, and it's development and expression depend mainly on social life and your surroundings: the environment you live in, the people you interact with on a daily basis, etc. Addiction treatment has many different pieces to it. This disease has another side to it than simply using a ton of drugs; addiction has medical, behavioral and social consequences that alter a person's ability to be "normal" in an every-day life situation. Therefore, the target outcome for treatment cannot be just reducing drug use; it must be restoring the individual to full functioning in the family, at work and in society, in other words, entering a whole new lifestyle and knowing/ making sure that you're making the right and healthy choices. For these reasons, the best treatments include medications, behavioral therapies, and needed visits to psychosocial services.
Untreated, the illness takes over as soon as they are released back into the community of the person's life before rehab/ treatment. If in search for help, or treatment, look for any treatment programs, drug courts and prison-based treatment programs.

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