Signs and Symptoms


In order to check and see if a person has the Alzheimer's Disease, the Alzheimer's Association has put together a checklist of ten warning signs and symptoms seen everyday in victims of Alzheimer's. This helps see if a person may be diagnosed with this disease or not. Here are the ten warning signs and symptoms:

Memory Problems: Memory loss is one of the most common early signs of Alzheimer's. People with Alzheimer's Disease tend to constantly forget recently learned information such as what they were just told and where their current location is. They even forget why they were there and what they were doing.

Difficulty Planning Everyday Tasks and Schedules: Victims of the Alzheimer's Disease tend to find it very difficult to plan and complete familiar everyday tasks. For example, they may forget how to use the telephone, how to make simple meals, or even how to put on shoes. They eventually lose themselves in the steps of how to do these simple tasks.

Problems with Language: People with Alzheimer's Disease begin to forget simple words such as cup and bowl and as a result, they use strange words to describe what they want making them extremely hard to understand. For example, when a person with Alzheimer's is looking for their toothbrush and forget how to say this, they end up saying “where’s that thing for my mouth?"

Disorientation to Time and Place: People with Alzheimer's Disease can forget where they are and how they got there. They may get lost in their own hometown or house and end up forgetting where their bedroom was after leaving it.

Poor or Decreased Judgment: People with Alzheimer's make extremely poor decisions such as dressing inappropriately to the weather. They might wear many layers of clothing during hot summer days and wear very little clothing on cold winter days. They may even choose to donate ridiculously huge amounts of money to charities without even knowing entirely what they are doing.

Problems with Abstract Thinking: Patients tend to lose their ability to add or subtract any numbers and may even forget what numbers are for. This makes things like telling time and balancing a checkbook impossible.

Misplacing Belongings: Victims begin to frequently place objects in extremely strange unusual places such as putting a watch in an oven or microwave for no apparent reason.

Changes in Moods and Behaviors: People with Alzheimer's often have rapid mood swings for no reason. They may be overwhelmed with extreme sadness and then have random outbursts of anger right after.

Personality Changes: Victims of dementia's personalities can change dramatically. They may become very scared or suspicious of a close family member.

Loss of Initiative: People with dementias like Alzheimer's Disease have an ability to become extremely passive. They may sit in front of the T.V. for hours without stopping, sleep for extremely long hours than usual, and lose complete interest in lifelong hobbies.

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