Examples of people with phobias



Kenyetta's Story

This was written by a patient with anxiety and derpession.

When I first found out I had depression and anxiety, it really made me feel like there was something major wrong with me. I was scared. I had the fear that "I was going crazy." and I even had to have homeschooling because of the anxiety. My anxiety is social phobia, and it has caused problems for me such as going outside, finding friends. It has caused me to cry endlessly when I would have anxiety attacks along with my depression. I have even lost some friends that I have had... There are people and things that have helped me through the struggle as I continue to recover. The people are my grandmother, my psychiatrist, and my wonderful counselor at school... Medicine has helped me by reducing my anxiety and my depression. I have been in treatment for five years and each year is getting better for me. After I finish high school, I want to go to collge and major in art. I want to be a cartoonist (Connolly, Simpson, and Petty 49).


What Phobia Feels Like

Carol Schatz had a driving phobia that started when she was in her late twenties. She described it this way:

You're at the wheel and your stomach is slightly queasy. A soft but steady ringing starts in your ears. You try
to get a grip. in this case, on the wheel. You tell yourself its fine, you know how to drive, you've never crashed....
When you force yourself to start driving, your head feels like it's filling with helium and is desperately trying to detach
itself from your body. Your heart is making far too much noise (Monroe, 26).

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