Mr. Wrzesinski's Health Project Health28.jpg

Assignment Requirements: (80 points)

1. Minimum of 2 books. (5 points)
2. Minimum of 2 articles from library databases. (5 points)
3. Other websites as necessary.
4. Images on every page. (5 points)
5. 1 video embedded. (5 points)

6. Detailed topic information including: (60 points)
  • Topic overview
  • Current research
  • Current statistics
  • Future prognosis, trends, ramifications, etc.

Wiki Requirements: (20 points)

1. Your wiki must have 6-8 separate pages:

  • A Home page with a brief intro to your project
  • An MLA works cited page
  • The rest of the pages have the actual content.

2. You must link your pages within your wiki, so viewers can navigate forward, back, home or to other pages within your wiki.

View the following video to learn how to put links on your wiki:

3. Your pages must have links to related websites.

View the following video to learn how to put links on your wiki: (This is the same video as the one above.)

4. You must give credit to any images and videos you use off the Internet by putting the URL.

Photo Example:

5. Clear organization and format.
Your information should be presented in an organized manner that makes sense. It should be easy to follow and have a flow. Use topic headings, etc.