What are you scared of-

Height? Spider? Darkness? or
peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth? (Arachibutyrophobia)
or beautiful women? (Caligynehpobia)


There are hundreds of phobia including acrohphobia, such as the one shown above when a person has a fear of heights and his/her brain is triggered with anxiety causing him/her to somewhat lose focus. Pharmocophobia, lipophobia are some more examples of phobia, fear of medicine, fear of fat. There are many types of phobia and there are many types of new treatment to cure them.
Our wikispace will inform you about what phobia is, what causes it, how it is treated and some examples of it.

Here's a short comedy clip to get you started on Phobias... (Featuring Chloe)
- this video is worth watching. it is Hilarious !

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