To be addicted is to simply be dependent on something and not being able to stop it.
In many ways we are all addicts. Food, TV, Internet, Music, Drinks, Sex are all very common but possibly serious addictions.
Also being in love could be considered a dangerous addiction.

Here's some statistics to get you HOOKED on our wikispace :)
-In this country the average eighteen-year-old has seen 100,000 television commercials encouraging him or her to drink.
-90% of high school seniors have tried alcohol and 53% get drunk at least once a month, 43% smoke marijuana, and about one-third smoke cigarettes.
-The number of eighth graders who drink at least one alcoholic beverage a month is at 20%?
-30% of thirteen-year-olds have experimented with alcohol
-Even scarier is that 7.4 million underage drinkers binge (five or more drinks in two hours) at least once a month
(This is all according to January 2006 Ladies Home Journal).

That's crazy, right? But, not only can you be addicted to drugs or alcohol; you can also be addicted to some pretty outragous things.

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